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Gamified Pedagogy

StreetCred Workshops are designed to encourage life-long learning modalities through gamified rewards systems, curriculum and technologies. Completing a StreetCred worskshop qualifies you for a StreetCred card to be used for discounts and game kiosks currently in the Phoenix, Historic Grand Avenue Arts District and other participating communities.

StreetCred card holders not only receive special discounts and benefits at businesses and galleries in the Phoenix valley area, but more importantly receive discounted workshop tuition and/or materials fees for all StreetCred Workshops. We believe this winning method of educational value and rewards will demonstrate community alignment around the true value of education.

  • Mentorship

  • Apprenticeship

  • Open source knowledge exchange

  • Cooperation

  • HCP - Human Centered Pedagogy

  • Data proven results

2019-2020 StreetCred Workshops are currently in development. Please check back for special summer pop-up events, workshops and more!


Tell, Show, Do

Simple, easy and effective curriculum. Attentive , instinctive and dedicated human education interactions.

Tell: introduction to tools, uses, techniques and concepts.

Show: live demonstration of tools/technique use and effects.

Do: practice new skills and synthesize knowledge.